Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding
Company building


The renowned Austrian contract manufacturer joins metal components for national and international clients. The company is not only known for its enormous flexibility in high-quality contract manufacturing work, but also provides support in the development of new products and production-ready prototypes.


Company headquaters:
Ennsdorf, Austria



Production of:
Metal components for industrial and commercial clients

Fronius products used:
iWave AC/DC 400i

Process application:
TIG (Cycle TIG)

Hannes Holl

» We now have two unrivalled machines that allow us to rapidly switch between the two welding processes of MIG/MAG and TIG. At the same time, we benefit from a considerable time saving, paired with a huge increase in convenience and weld quality. This represents our next step forward as a company. Stagnation is not an option to remain competitive. «

Hannes Holl, Managing Director
Man welds in a dark room


Component accessibility, material and design require that components be welded with both MIG/MAG and TIG. The space requirement for two different welding systems and the constant change between the two turned out to be an inefficient approach for A powerful and reliable all‑in‑one solution was therefore needed for the future.

A man operates an iWave

Solution tested the iWave for one month and was impressed by their findings. SpeedNet communication and a high computing power enable the use of new advanced welding processes that lead to excellent weld results. The change from TIG to MIG/MAG and vice versa takes place in no time.

A mini revolution at

Innovative functions such as CycleTIG (for TIG) or PMC (Pulse Multi Control for MIG/MAG) stabilize the arc, optimize the droplet detachment, and reduce the heat input, while at the same time ensuring high deposition rates.

The gap-bridging ability of the welding system is exemplary, with gap tolerances being automatically compensated for. Even for out-of-position welding, such as in the case of vertical-up seams, 100% control of the weld pool is assured. Higher welding speeds shorten cycle times and increase productivity.

In both welding processes (MIG/MAG and TIG) the iWave helps to achieve visually perfect weld seams, which prevents time-intensive rework such as removing spatter or grinding off weld reinforcements.

The menu navigation of the welding system is self-explanatory and available in more than 30 languages. Operating the touch display and adjustment wheel even while wearing gloves is easily possible.

Up to 1,000 different jobs can be created in the iWave and called up on the JobMaster welding torch, eliminating the need to move back and forth between the component and the welding system as soon as new parameters are needed. Recurring jobs can be saved in iWave as favorites, five of which can be set as so-called “Easy Jobs” on the welding torch. This is an enormous gain in convenience for welding tasks that have to be performed over and over again.

Depending on the job, the iWave itself recognizes when it has to change from MIG to TIG for certain applications and vice versa. It automatically changes the necessary parameter settings and lowers the main current slowly and in a controlled manner for a clean weld toe. All these functions smooth the way to the desired weld seam quality at 

Product in use


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